IgKnight Golf Defender

What happens when Golf + Tower Defense + Magic in Virtual Reality?

Welcome to IgKnight Golf Defender where you are armed with a magical golf hammer that can launch cannonball that explodes or magical attacks. This virtual reality game uses a golfing-like physics and tower defense mechanics to create a unique experience.

There are 50 waves to defend against the invading demon army.

Practise your aim to hit them far away for a higher score.

Utilize the magic to efficiently take out different enemy formations.

Check leaderboard to see how you rank among the IgKnight warriors.

Custom version

Available now to reskin the game for commercial or event usage.

Add logo branding and modern environments at billboards around the playing area.

Use the golfing mechanics for a minigame, for example a driving distance challenge or target accuracy challenge.

Adjustable game settings like number of balls and local leaderboard to have a mini-competition at events or office recreational area.

Golf Course Skin with target accuracy gameplay

Custom controller

Available now as well using a real golf club and Vive tracker for the most realistic experience. (We can make one for you or provide some guidelines for making a custom controller)

Great for events as it attracts eyeballs.