IgKnight Food Fight

After months of hard work battling darkness, the IgKnights gather to have a great feast at the Guild Hall.

All was going well until right in the middle of the hall, a scuffle broke out. What started off as a small argument spiraled into an all out food war throughout the great hall. Thus the IgKnight tradition of the Food Fight Grand Battle was formed.

Challenge your friends and others to a food fight competition in VR!

Get the regular version game on Steam, Viveport, or a special discounted 2/4-Pack deal.

For Arcade&Events Commercial Licensed Version or Custom Version, check out more details in the lower section.

Main Features (All Versions)

Throwing food is fun! Grab some food from the table and throw it at your opponent face! (or your team mate if you are sadistic) 
Watch it splatter your face or opponent’s face.

Haptic Feedback (For users with bHaptics TACTAL) – you can feel the food when it hits your face for added immersion!

Up to 4 person multiplayer – Gather some friends (or enemies) to form teams and have some 1v1, 1v2 or 2v2 food fights! 
(Steam version uses online steam matchmaking)

Team Battle Mode – Each food fight is 30 seconds. You can see the remaining time and score on the board beside the table.

Practice Mode – If you are along and waiting for your friend to join the game, throw the food against target boards to practice your aim and use the turrets to practice dodging or grabbing the thrown food.

Kids Mode – Scales the world down so that they can play too! Remember to get them to wear wriststraps.

Arcade & Events Commercial License Version

Multiplayer – LAN only so that you can reduce lag as much as possible and not rely on the internet at all.

Operator control panel – Optimized screen menu for operators to help the VR player easily and other functions for faster turnarounds.

Spectator Screen – We have various 3rd person modes to toggle to. This is suitable to be placed on a large screen for the audience to watch the food fight. 

Press kit and documentation will be provided.

All festivities skins (Xmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Easter, etc.) will be unlocked at all times.

Purchase the commercial license version here

Custom Version

Logos and 3D models can be used to brand a special customized version of IgKnight Food Fight or cater to festivities. For example:

  • Food splatter when you get hit can be in the shape of a brand logo
  • Food can be changed to a 3D model of your brand product
  • Branding the environment like the table, billboards, banners and walls with images
  • Winner(s) to have a 3D model of your product rain down on them with a special audio announcement¬†

Contact us here to find out more about creating your own custom Food Fight version