Why get Commercial License?

IgKnight Games have different versions that we release to cater to different users.

Personal License – The standard version that you can find on the major distribution platform like Steam and Viveport and Oculus Store. This is for VR owners to play at home or with friends.

Commercial License – If you are using our games as a service where you receive payment in any form, this is the version you need to get. For example, VR arcade owners or event organizer who set up a VR booth at an event will require to purchase a version of the game with the commercial license. For IgKnight games, we will either sell a premium version directly at a one-time fee or through arcade distribution partners like Vive Arcade or Steam or SynthesisVR or SpringboardVR for Pay Per Minute/Month fees.

Personal V.S Commercial License – The legality of it, if you run a business profiting from our game, please don’t use the personal version. While it is difficult for us to enforce the use of commercial license versions across the world, we try our best to add value to the commercial license version by adding features that are catered for operations at arcade and events. Some examples are:

– LAN multiplayer for reliable connection without internet
– Spectator 3rd person mode for more engaging audience viewing
– Operator control panel for quick turnover
– Unlocked skins for different festive seasons
– Press kit and documentation available

Hopefully you can support us as we try our best to create an experience your customers will never forget!

Get your commercial license here!

In addition we also offer custom versions are catered for special events like product launch, brand activation, etc. where your clients request to customize the content. Customizations you can request:
– Add a branding logo into the virtual world
– Reskin game items to a custom 3D models 
– Custom 3D printed controllers