How to setup 4 Player Food Fight in the…

Our first game IgKnight Food Fight was designed to be setup in a minimum space of 3m by 3m play space (YES for all 4 players!). Visually this makes the design of the setup great as it is almost 1:1 positioning for the VR players on the same team as well as showing spectators a 1:1 representation of the spectator screen and the real life view.

Basestation Placement – 2m height minimum at the far ends of the table

PC Placement – We usually place a small table in the centre of the play space where the virtual table (brown rectangle above) is at and we place the 4 PCs, router, multiplugs (you need around 10 – 15 sockets) below the table. Ideally the power socket should be right below the table. Throw a table cloth over the table to hide the wire mess underneath.

TV – Place just 1 outside the play space and connect the TV to a hdmi cable from the table. We use a HDMI switch so that we can toggle between the different PC screens when needed. Usually we use the spectator mode so that you can see all players from just one screen.

Calibration – The headsets are calibrated in the centre line on the side they are standing at (at the purple circle facing the arrow direction). We use the quick calibration method in the developer tab in SteamVR settings.