Kids Scale: Making 6 DOF VR games the right…

Most VR game developers are adults and when we make VR games or apps that are using 6 DOF tracking, we tend to forget that when kids play VR games, they are at a much lower height level. This can actually make the gameplay experience terrible.

One of our favorite VR games, Fruit Ninja VR has this issue as the fruits are flying too high and kids find it really tough to see the fruits properly.

On the other hand, the all time favorite VR game for kids, Job Simulator has a secret lever at the bottom of the main menu page to switch everything to kids scale where everything in the game is scaled down to fit a shorter person. This is a feature that we think should be a standard in all VR games.

For our first game IgKnight Food Fight, we drew inspiration from Job Simulator and placed a lever under the table where the host of the game can toggle between adult and kid scale, depending on who is playing. We placed it in the game map itself and not the menu map so that it could be switched quickly at any time.

We hope you and your kids will have a great time throwing food at each other!