Spectator Camera: More Engaging View for watching audience

Have you ever watched someone play VR game? Most of the time people look goofy or even stupid wearing a VR headset even when they probably feel awesome in the game as spectators cannot experience what is in the virtual world.

Mobile VR headsets have it worst as by default there is no TV screen or monitor where spectators can at least see what the user is seeing.

For most VR content on PC VR headsets, by default we can see the gameplay action from the player’s point of view. However, VR players tend to move their head around to look at the virtual environment and while it feels natural to them, many spectators find it nauseating to watch.

For a better spectator viewing experience like at an event booth or arcade VR station, we would recommend a 3rd player point of view. After all, nobody spectates a sports match from a first person point of view. The same should be applied to VR spectator viewing.

For IgKnight Food Fight Arcade, we included a 3rd person spectator view. There are different modes which you can choose depending on where you place the display screen:

  1. Static mode from a point where you see the whole action happening from a position and angle that we think is optimal. We have one on each side of the table and one in the middle.
  2. Rotation mode where the viewing position and angle will rotate around the exciting food fight.
  3. Free roam mode where the VR operator can move the viewing point to anywhere in the scene. This is useful as this allows you to adjust any angle (and FOV too) you want.

Using the Free Roam mode and a green screen studio, we were able to align the spectator camera with a real camera capturing the players to composite a mixed reality view.