Knuckles Controller Review: Throwing food more naturally in IgKnight…

We got the Knuckles EV3 controllers and were really excited to test them in IgKnight Food Fight.

The Knuckles has many wonderful features like finger tracking and pressure sensing but the one feature that we love the most is that compared to the other controllers, this new design straps your palm to the controller, so you can let go of the controller without it shifting in position.

This ‘hands free’ feature allows you to do the throwing motion with your hands without fear that your controller will fly off which could happen if the food fight gets intense and you are busy dodging and flinging food at the same time.

Don’t throw your controller!

Currently, we still use the trigger for grabbing food across all types of controller but in the future we plan to just allow you to grab the food the way we do in real life by closing your hands around the virtual food. And maybe crush it when you squeeze the knuckles controller.