Bhaptics Tactal Review: How to increase the stakes of…

In IgKnight Food Fight, if you get hit by food regardless of who threw it (the opponent, your teammate, or yourself), you will see a splatter covering your screen. If you are an owner of the Bhaptic Tactal, you get to increase the immersion by feeling it as well!

Bhaptics Tactal is a haptics accessory that you can attach to your VR HMD. It works by connecting to the computer wireless through bluetooth, so it is not dependent on the VR HMD brand that you own as long as the VR HMD uses a velcro to attach the face foam (for Oculus CV1, a custom facial interface is required that you can purchase at VR Cover).

We prefer the HTC Vive for comfort and convenience as there is a extra USB port that you can use to keep the Bhaptics Tactal’s battery charged.

Additionally the waterproof Bhaptics Tactal can double as a leather cover which automatically makes your headset more easy to clean compared to the stock foam.

While the Bhaptics Tactal is not essential for the gameplay, we feel that it was perfectly design for a gameplay mechanics like getting hit in the face by food.

You need to dodge, bro.

We recommend that VR LBE or VR arcade owners or mobile vr booth operators get the Bhaptics Tactal if they want to add another dimension to their customer’s experience! It is also great for turnover time as there is no additional item required for the customer to put on unlike other haptic devices like a vest.